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Coating recommendations for your Eco5000 Deck:

All coating products are affected by weather conditions, including temperature, rain and humidity. These conditions affect the longevity of the respective coating and therefore the maintenance required to maintain your deck at its optimum appearance.
During the construction of your deck, whether that is over days or weeks, there are many contaminants that can affect the initial coating. Things such as the weather conditions, contaminants left on the decking, footprints, sawdust or even just dust from the environment.
For current information specific to Ultralife Plus Decking, please contact us or the manufacturer for the latest information sheet.
Therefore we recommend the below procedure when first coating your decking:
Step 1 – Wash down the decking with soapy water or a quality deck cleaning product, ensuring you clean the entire surface. (Do Not Pressure Wash)
Step 2 – After the decking is completely dry (this would normally be the next day) - apply Intergrain TSS or equivalent, depending on the coating system being applied - as per manufacturer’s recommendations. This will help to sterilise the surface of hidden contaminants.
Step 3 – Once again after the decking is completely dry, apply your selected coating. Leave ample time between coats, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
This should give you the best start for your decking; however there will be maintenance into the future.
Ongoing Maintenance
If you choose an oil based coating, the recoating process is relatively simple. Much the same as the above process, however to bring the timber back to look it’s best, you might have to use a timber reviver type product to clear off the old oil prior to recoating.
Should you choose a water based coating product, you will need to maintain it and inspect it as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Should the coating not be maintained and starts to wear off, you may well have to strip back the deck and start the process all over again. Please see coating manufacturer’s recommendations prior to coating and for inspection process.
The above are only recommendations – some clients do not wish to coat their decks at all and are looking for the weathered / washed effect. That is perfectly fine as well, but weather conditions will affect the surface of the decking as it has no protection.
You will notice some obvious weathering, greying off, some mild surface checking etc, as there is no coating protection. This will not affect the integrity of the decking or your warranty.
Should you require additional information – please contact the manufacturer

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