Welcome to Westside Timbers.

The difficult we do immediately ... the impossible takes just a little longer!

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At Westside Timbers we have well over 100 combined years of experience in the construction industry and well over 45 years in the pre fab wall frame and roof truss industry.

Since humble beginnings we have grown in reputation and reliability to become the preferred supplier of frames and trusses for numerous residential building companies as well as large commercial construction companies.
Our reputation of communication, accurate workmanship, follow up and follow through service
depends on your satisfaction.
We have the ability to offer solutions starting from the sub-floor through to the wall frames and roof trusses for any project ranging from a straightforward garage or extension through to a large scale and complex project.

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- Six point accuracy and quality control check prior to manufacture.
- Wall Frames and Roof Trusses are designed with the very latest Pryda Australia software, using sound and widely accepted engineering principles.
- Loadings and designs are in accordance with the relevant and current Australian Building  Standards.
- We provide all the certification required for quick council approval.
- Sustainable plantation timbers are used throughout our operation.


- Six point accuracy and quality control check during and after manufacture
- Computer Assisted Cutting for accurate sawing of truss and wallframe components.
- Our production crews of jig setters, jig hands, sawyers, framers and despatch clerks are fully trained through various courses and cadet ships, mostly through the Forestry Industry Training & Education Consortium to a minimum Certificate Three in Timber Manufactured Products.


- Delivery is  provided by sub-contractors, Toowoomba Crane Trucks using a body truck with crane attachment, and Crane Truck Services for our long-haul and oversize deliveries requiring a semi-trailer. They are highly skilled professional operators with vast experience in the transportation of roof trusses and wall frames.
- Extendable trailer capable of carrying loads up to 20mtrs long.
- Safe unloading with remote controlled truck mounted crane.
- We do not place roof trusses onto wall frames! Please do not ask us to do this,
it is simply unsafe.