Decking Oil - Cutek

We take our timber seriously here at Westside, which is why we only stock Deck Cleaners and Oils that work!

Cutek has been around since the late 80's and is an Australian Owned Company, that makes all of their products right here in Queensland, at Loganholme. Their products are perfect to protect your capital investment, with simple and easy to apply directions it makes it "THE PRODUCT" to use.

Cutek's products have been tried and tested in our Aussie conditions to cope with the gruelling heat that Queensland endures and the cold temperatures that can be felt in some of Australia's most frosty locations. 

Step 1. Colour, Colour, Colour.


Sample Test Pot

First and foremost, the hardest decision you can make with your decking oil choice, is the colour. Cutek have 10 different colours to choose from. So you have to ask yourself the following;

  • Do you want it to look like natural timber?

  • Enhance the colour of the species of timber you have chosen?

  • Completely change the look for feature purposes?


  • Simply to create an illusion?

All of this starts right here, with a Sample Test Pot.

The Colours available are:

  • Autumntone

  • Black Ash

  • Burnt Red

  • Chestnut

  • Goldtone

  • Grey Mist

  • New Bronze

  • Rustic Gold

  • Sela Brown

  • Walnut

*We stock all 10 colour choices in both Sample Test Pots and Colourtones. Colourtones will vary on different species.


Removal of Deck Coating Systems (not oils)

Naked CD33 (in-stock)

This highly versatile product is capable of removing old coatings from Interior and exterior timber, Metal, Brick and Masonry surfaces, all while being biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


Step 2. The Clean

Quick Clean (stock)


For a pre-existing deck oiled with Cutek, to maintain and preserve the life of your Low VOC, Extreme, CD50 and Wood Preservative coated deck.

Proclean (order-in)


For a brand new deck that has been replaced or newly constructed, to remove any contaminates (dirt, dust, etc) or mill wax from the timber before you coat with Cutek Low VOC, Extreme, CD50 or Wood Preservative. 

Step 3. Choice of Oils

CD50 (in-stock)


The work horse of the family. The original formulation wood coating. Ideal for all projects both DIY and architectural. Available in 5L, 10L and 20L

Extreme (in-stock)


Designed for the Extreme climates that Australia can endure, Cutek Extreme is for projects that no other product would work on. Able to be applied to all wood types but stands out most when applied to difficult species/substrates or the extreme climates. Available in 5L and 10L

Low VOC (order-in)


Green Star Rated. For projects that require environmental stability and for use on exterior and interior wood features and furniture. Available in 5L 

For other Cutek products, more information including MSDS and further technical information on how Cutek can help protect and maintain the timber around your premises head over to